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    Default Bands of leaky RD's

    I was just wondering what bands Cobra's or any other "bed" Rd's leak.

    Because around my area all they seel in local stores are crapras and alot of people have them.
    When i am driving around sometimes i get a POP Ka band or slight Ka band blips that come and go real quick. I have a 690 on Filter 1. I think i might have to step it up to Filter 2 if it is leaky Rd's

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    Default Re: Bands of leaky RD's

    Hope this helps

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael B
    Cobras might leak a variety of frequencies because of the sweeping LO. But, they periodically "park" during their sweep at different intervals, this causes much of the interference.

    The majority of the leakage is on the following freqs:

    9 Band models = 12.180 GHz (Produces harmonics at 24.36 and 36.54 GHz)
    10 Band models = 11.350 GHz (Produces harmonics at 22.7 GHz and 34.05 GHz)
    11 Band Models = 11.1 GHz (Produces harmonics at 22.2 and 33.3 Ghz) and 10.950 GHz (Produces harmonics at 21.9 GHz and 32.85 GHz)

    Even if a harmonic is slightly outside the police radar band, it still might be detected as police radar, since all detectors scan slightly beyond the police radar bands to compensate for oscillator drift.



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