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    Default Interesting Conversation with WA State LEO

    Two days ago I drove my motorcycle to the dealer to get my side cases put on. When I arrived there were two guys there helping one of the ladies get her Busa on a trailer.

    When I pulled up, everyone came over to look at my bike. it has the Blinder M25 Extreme's mounted on it and an 8500 X50.

    My bike caused so much commotion that the Stater came over to take a look. He was out of uniform but seemed VERY interested in what I had.

    He asked me why I would go to such an extent to put jammers on my bike because after all, "if I would just drive the speed limit I'd have nothing to worry about and more money in the bank".

    Figuring he was an LEO, I asked him at what point he would issue a ticket? He said he would do so only if he saw someone driving unsafe. This almost made me sick but I did my best to maintain my decorum.

    I told him that while he sounds most honorable, where I live, going 3 miles an hour over the limit is reason enough to be pulled over and ticketed. In fact, earlier that day, there was 4 Staters on I-5, one with laser and 3 others writing tickets as fast as they could.

    I asked him if they were ONLY pulling over people who were drunk or seriously endangering others. He kind of hung his head.

    At that point I took the opportunity to explain to him the consequences of a driver letting their attention lapse while going down a hill, speeding a whopping 5 MPH over the limit and becoming fodder for the revenue generating activities of our State.

    It was an interesting conversation. It pointed out to me a few things.

    1. There are some good LEO's out there. Guys who are doing their best to keep things safe and who take their obligation seriously... this officer seemed like such a person.

    2. Also it seems like there was quite a disconnect between their understanding of the pain they are causing their fellow citizens by buying into the revenue generating dictum's of the State and their ticket writing actions.

    3. Measures and Counter Measures. As long as they engage in electronic warfare against drivers, thank God we can employ our counter measures. :-)

    I came away from this experience somewhat enlightened. I think he was all the more bewildered why anyone would go to "such measures" to try not to get tickets if they did not intend to drive unsafely. I explained it to him but I don't think he wanted to get it.

    Anyone else have any thoughts about this?

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    Interesting conversation.

    I enjoy reading this LEO conversation thread. They open a line into the "belly of the beast"

    He seemed like a pretty cool guy and hopefully you didn't share too much info on what you were running.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archangel
    Interesting conversation.

    I enjoy reading this LEO conversation thread. They open a line into the "belly of the beast"

    He seemed like a pretty cool guy and hopefully you didn't share too much info on what you were running.

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    I'd bet $ 100 he memorized your plate number and checked you out the first opportunity he had.

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    He didn't ask for more details and I didn't offer. :-) However, they are guys too and some of them are into toys as well. Not to mention those that either lurk or participate in this forum. Guys are guys and like their toys - and from what I hear, when the LEO's travel they aren't always extended "courtesy" from their own transgressions so the RD's become useful to them as well. Of course, that is if they plan on driving unsafely. LOL

    He might have memorized my plate and run it but that's ok. I was doing nothing wrong. Like Sun Tzu advocates in The Art of War - Know Your Enemy. And as I prefer to think of it, know those who would attempt to unfairly exploit you to raise revenue.

    I've always had mixed feelings about LEO's. There are good ones, I'm sure. Then their are the "tough guys" who are in what they do for the power. The Milgram experiments proved that people will do as asked when asked to behave against humanity (administer a lethal dose of electricity) if told to do so by a person of authority. Unfortunately, this mentality runs rampant with LEO's who do as their superiors ask causing them to commit what I think to be the equivalent of war crimes (acts against people that are not morally justifiable). Revenue generating activities such as lidar and radar "traps" are this kind of act in my opinion.

    In the end, we are a Country where the supreme law is the Constitution. It limits us little and provides a great amount of protection. States, Counties and Municipalities have seen fit to attempt to legislate us into submission - all with our approval. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

    And overall, as my Dad used to tell me, "if you don't like the cops, call a hippie next time you need help". LOL So, I'm not against them as men/women, nor against them "Protecting and Serving" - but do not approve of using a "gun and badge" to strong arm money from us by way of electronic entrapment for the purpose of raising revenue.

    *end of rant*


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    Quote Originally Posted by JeepinJeff
    I'd bet $ 100 he memorized your plate number and checked you out the first opportunity he had.
    definetely X10

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    Cool story. I have met a few LEO's who ran the latest and greatest RD of the times for the very reasons you mentioned. However two I would classify as habitual speeders, ie not occassional, and not just a few over. Either way all had the attitude of pulling people over who "deserved" it, which also included having fun with IO, but only for people who were obviously going faster than the flow of traffic.

    On the flip side I have no issue with revenue tickets provided it can never count against your record, or for a fine of $100 for 3 over.

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    I see a benefit of a jammer for the sole reason the keep the distance calculating range finder (LIDAR) from panning, sweeping and other influences during your speed "calculation" reading.

    Your jammer could prevent him from getting a "bad" reading.

    Your'e doing him a favor.......IMHO.

    -Suf Daddy

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    Right on Surf Daddy. :-)



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