I fixed my power input on my old Uniden 2100W over the weekend with a little JB Weld. The solder was fine, the jack glue broke.

Leaky Leo?
I got a weird K/Ka intermittent alternating signal that was 2/4 LEDís about .4 miles from a stop light on a divided Hwy I regularly drive. At the stop light the alternating is fairly constant every 3 to 6 seconds with 2 always lit and some times 3. After the cross traffic stops I get mostly alternating 3ís. When left lane light turns, after a few cars go by I see the LEO (marked, but no lights on top) turning left as my RD is still bouncing K/Ka at full 3ís. Even sideways in front of me he is still 3. Then it dissipated the further away he got from me. There is another light about .15 miles from the one I was at. I am guessing he was at that light or maybe buried in the left hand lane. Something must have been leaking for me to pick him up that much. This time is was a LEO detector. :P

Yes it still works
Yes, it did have me wondering if his radar was on and I messed up my RD. Later on, on the interstate, I got 2 to 3 solid ~2 second Ka with 2 lit, then nothing for a while. So I started to pay attention. Then I got the same at 3 lit. This was about 1 mile from a known speed trap around a slight bend under a bridge. Sure enough he was there. About .15 mi he pointed at someone or maybe me, because I got the nearly constants sound.

I also found out someone I know has a V1 (V1.7 I think) so I hope to compare the Uniden to a speed trailer near his house. He picks it up enough to pay attention from about 1mi away, or 50yds away from a residential intersection, with houses on both sides approach, that is about .5mi from the trailer depending on what route he takes.

PS with some other testing, with a laser pointer, and oddly glossy black paper the Uniden will give a ramped Laser warning. Depending on the angle, if glossy black paper is held near the laser sensor it will set it off.