MEM-TEK might have known more details or patent details on this.

I found out someone I know has a V1 (V1.7 I think) and we were talking about RD's. I was trying to get an idea of sensitivity and falsing and such. He thought he remembered hearing Uniden had a patent for a novel method to specifically detect / identify reflected radar possibly based off a V1 patent. This allowed them to make unit with a higher sensitivity with possibly a smaller horn and lol, less falsing. We laughed a little at that, but maybe without the technology it might have been worse. Then again at the time there were much less stray signals.

We speculated (with zero knowledge of any of the patents) it may have been a novel way to determine if reflected signals based on some time delay algorithms were from a Police radar source. Or maybe it was a way of reducing noise from a shorter horn. idk.