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    Default k & ka band gun?

    I have a friend thatís an officer and he was telling me his gun does k & ka with faster speed display? Is the k or ka POP? Never herd of 2 different bands on one gun?

    He was also saying that Laser was mostly useless in suburban towns with windy roads and hills. So it looks like Laser will never be used 100%.

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    Most of the modern '2 piece' or dash mounted units you can 'mix' and 'match' antenna horns. I know the Kustom Golden Eagle can be used that way. I have seen one state LEO with a Ka front horn and a K band rear horn. I was traveling on a state highway here and got a K band alert coming over a hill. The State LEO was shooting rear radar at me while parked along the road. After I passed him I got a Ka signal when he used the front horn for the on coming traffic. So it is possible to get 2 different radar warnings.

    So if you get a chance, take a look at his setup and get some pictures so you can post them for the group.

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