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    Default Heads up - X Band

    I know it's fairly common knowledge that X band is still alive in NC but I figured I'd post none the less. I-40 Westbound, near the Raleigh area. Brand new unmarked charger, blacked out, hiding in the tree line shooting x-band at oncoming traffic.

    I always thought about turning x band off on my v1 due to the fact bridges piss me off but this proves it's still very much in use and saved my ass that day. If you live in NC keep it on, the only reason I didn't lose my license that day is because I was well aware there were no X band falses in the area & the ramp up pattern was consistent with a solid signal. Drive safe


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    Was he SHP? Just when I thought the new Chargers were all running the Golden Eagle!

    NCSHP sure is good with X-band! Thanks for the heads up-

    Around Raleigh keep a heads up for Laser...especially along the construction zone on I-40 in Clayton.



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