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    Default just got back form vegas

    just got back from vegas i drove to el paso and flew to vegas due to a 4 legged delay anyway im sad to say all the video footage was ethier falsing on KA!!!! or it was J'ed out so im going to send in my V1 i wish i would have to took my X50 there were 2 real alerts but the cop already pulled them over already so he just had it running im just upset with all the ka Junk and the Ka false damn the v1 for now :x

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    You always bring a back up! Shouldve took the x50 with yah!

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    You can definitely get a lot of falsing on a V1 with X and K band but I am sure every one else will agree that Ka band very rarely falses with this unit.
    Something is fishy. :shock:

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    That's kind of what I'm thinking to.

    I'd sent it in for a checkup, because it hardly ever falses on Ka.

    I drive my boyfriends car sometimes, so I had to get a little education on the V1.

    The general rule of thumb - if it's X, go ahead, because it's most likely not a cop. If it's K, probably slow down, because you've got a 50/50 chance it's a cop. If it's Ka, slow down, because it's a cop.

    Of course, I'm assuming he dumbed it down for me, but the point remains - falses on Ka are pretty rare.



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