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    Default Radar Detector + GPS Cheetah Mirror

    I'd like to share some early impressions of the combination BEL RX 65 and Cheetah Mirror.

    Reportedly, one of the main reasons RD users get tickets is they fail to respond to an alert. Surely pervasive false alarms is a major factor accounting for the failure to heed.

    Cheetah helps, with selectable minimum speed for reporting alarms the RD detects. No need to be alerted to radar signals, if you're below a critical speed. Such low speeds are especially characteristic of driving in down town traffic, or in shopping areas, where false alarms abound. Sad but true, that we are unintentionally conditioning ourselves not to respond to radar alerts when we listen to, and ignore these alarms. When it's a real one? We're slower to respond.

    This feature of Cheetah improves the ratio of true to false alarms. In doing so, it quiets the racket in the car.

    Further to quieting the racket, you can set the Cheetah to "city mute" mode. This doesn't require setting your RD to a less sensitive "city" mode. When in this mode, instead of passing on the beep tones associated with the various radar signals, a polite voice simply announces "K band" (or whatever) once.

    Both the above features have helped eliminate the perma-cramp in my right arm from reaching out to hit the mute button on my Bel.

    One exception to the minimum report speed, and, I think, the "city mute" verbal report only is what Cheetah does with a Laser signal. I guess Cheetah has taken a page from Ralph Nader, and decided that Laser is "dangerous at any speed", or at least, that you might want to know about it. The tone alert and the voice comes through, even if below the minimum report speed.

    When distracted or in a hurry, I have often wandered into common speed trap areas I already knew about, and had a few uncomfortably close encounters. Cheetah lets you mark "pesonal locations" so you can be conveniently reminded as you approach these. I've been driving around yesterday and today to program in 8 or 9 of these locations.

    Red light cameras. So far, Cheetah knows all the locations that I knew of, and has alerted me to several I didn't. This, in only the first 2 days of use.

    Apparently Cheetah alerts to other types of road hazzards in their data base.

    So far, I think while the Cheetah mirror is a good product just on what it does by itself, when combined with the radar detector (through the interface), it becomes a truly great product that helps the RD do what it does much more effectively.


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    Thanks for that writeup.I've been thinking of purchasing the mirror..



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