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    Default STi mounting - suggestions/opinions needed

    Looking for some assistance here.......I had my STi mounted up above my RVM and it was tucked away nicely. Yes, it was visible but it wasn't blatantly obvious unless you looked for it. I have 50% tint all around so any side angle views aren't really a concern. (See pic)

    Just got my first ticket in many years a week ago and i was more paranoid about him physically seeing my RD than the ticket itself. Luckily, the bill of his trooper hat kept him from seeing it up high. As soon as I left the scene of the "alleged" incident I pulled down my lights and sunroof switches and mounted my STi inside my headliner. It fits perfectly. My concerns are the following:

    1. Heat
    2. Not able to see the alerts (only audible)
    3. Heat

    I bought some black and beige plastic paint today in hopes of making the suction cups and cables less obvious. Should I keep it in the headliner and not risk an addtl ticket should I get pulled over again or should I mount it back up above my RVM and just be careful?

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    Order the stealth visor mount from Roy.

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    Don't ruin your car, it's much to nice to be forcing it into the
    Headliner. Plus, it will bake like an egg from the heat.
    I'd either order a Visor case to put it in or just mount it

    I'm thinking your Tint will protect you. It seems pretty dark,
    so an officer spotting your detector will be very slim.

    By the way, Is that a 5 series? I've been thinking about
    a 325i or a 330.

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    I would just say keep it next to the RVM.... And be careful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orbital75

    Is that a 5 series?
    Yes. It's the new 08 535i (twin turbo). I added the PROcede wiring harness for an addtl 2lbs of



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