Most of the work I do with Radar detectors is in the lab so I can show the students in a classroom environment the good and bad details of radar warning receivers. I use RDs to keep it at an unclassified level.

Anyway, I purchased a Bel V 985 and it works great for X, K, and SWS in the lab. The one issue I have with it is that it doesnt detect VG-2. I was actually surprised that they didnt put this in the RD so I still have to use a Cobra 9400 as a VG-2 detector example go figure. However, I did notice something else when I road tested it.

I also did a search before posting this but what I want seems to warrant a new thread.

When I drove down the road with the Bel V 985 I received X band alerts at two different places very reliably. One was by a Rite Aid and one was by a Radio Shack. Both were open at the time and I think the signals may have actually come from realtor offices in close vicinity to them that were closed. So Im assuming they have some kind of burglar alarms that use motion detectors.

So my question is does anyone know of any motion detectors that work around 10.525 GHz so I can use them as examples of devices that can give you a false alert in X band?