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    Default One Ka, Multiple Saves

    Last night I was at a party at a friends house. I was having a good time, but at around 1:30 or so I was starting to feel a little tired. Two other guys wanted to make a Wal-Mart run, so I used it as an opportunity to head on home and get some sleep as I had some things to do today.

    I love driving at those obscene hours of the morning. There is nobody else on the road but you. Everything is closed (with the exception of the Wal-Mart and Exxon station) so you see an almost eery perspective of your town.

    Well, I thought I was the only one on the road. As I'm headed back to my house on US 190, a sudden blast of Ka comes through on the x50.

    Oh, ****, I wasn't really paying attention to my speed. There's no one out here... I looked down at the speedometer. Whew! 50 in a 45.

    So I looked up to see if I could see him. Yep, there he was. He was sitting in an emergency crossover (a strip of concrete that connects the two spans of highway so that fire trucks from the fire station down the adjoining road can cut across) with his lights turned off, running I/O Ka when someone drove by.

    In the daylight, you would be able to see him clearly, but in the dark the only way I saw him at all was because of the reflective emblem on the side of the cruiser. There's no streetlights on this road. Many of the businesses along here have illuminated signage that casts a glow onto the highway, but some of them shut them off at night to save power.

    Thankfully, I wasn't going too fast, or he would have had me. I wasn't really paying attention to the speed at all, since I was basically the only guy around at the time.

    Still, I was a little razzled by all of this. I pulled off into the Exxon station to get another pack of cigarettes, and while I was there I decided to call my friend and tell him to warn the others that were still there. I didn't get an answer. After this, I went home and called again. He picked up this time, and good thing too because it seems the others were quickly following my lead. He knew that the cops do hang out there, but he didn't think they'd be out there this late. Everybody was able to know before they even started up the car. I'm sure this saved a lot of headaches and money.

    If it weren't for the radar detector, I probably wouldn't have seen the officer there. I wasn't going fast enough to get pulled over, so it wasn't a problem for me. But fortunately, it got me looking, and with one quick call, it may have saved some serious ass.

    Funny thing, too. We were talking a little bit about tickets and getting pulled over. I had said that I hadn't been pulled over, but then thinking that I'm probably tempting this too much, I inserted "yet" after that sentence. So, I had teased it just slightly, and I got teased slightly.
    And also, the subject of radar detectors came up in that conversation as well. My friend said that his brother has one, but he doesn't like the fact of getting falses from grocery stores and such. I wonder, though, after telling him this story, if his opinion on radar detectors will change... :wink:

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    Great Story! That's why its good to have your RD on even when your not speeding. Now you know he was there and when.
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    Great story..My wife and i usually only do about 5 over,but we like to atleast know when and where the police are running radar..



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