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    Default Testing a Uniden two-way radio against my rd's

    Did some testing w/ a Uniden two-way radio transmitting today against some of my rd's. Keep in mind, the two-way radio was aimed at the radar horn on each rd. The alert was probably caused by harmonics.
    Road Patrol XK x band detected
    Early Warning EW-3005 x band detected
    Cobra ESD 7000 No bands detected
    Whistler SRT 30R No bands detected
    Escort X50 k band detected 24.082
    Bel STi k band detected 24.073 and 74
    V1 front lens (facing window) 4 bogeys x band and ku band
    V1 rear lens (facing you) 2 bogeys on ku band
    Friend stopped over w/ my 995 and ku band and k band were going off.
    Hope you all enjoy my results. Have a great week!

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    462.5625 mghz making radardetectors go off is ineresting to far was the radios when you trnsmtd?
    Thanks cool test...

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    Default hey

    Hey Stealth795, I had the antenna aimed right at the antenna on each of the rd's. Just a lab test, that's all.

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    Might also be RF getting into the power cord.

    I have a V1 and an old 8500, both are silent when I use various 440 mhz HTs in the car. Also silent with my 110w 6m fm rig.



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