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    Default And you thought, things were bad in the US?

    I guess its a general discussion board so I will post some interesting points about traffic policing in India.
    LEOs in India have recently learnt that a Radar gun can pay handsome dividends. So fines are increasing day by day, and even small police departments which do not have money to afford guns, splurge on Radar guns hoping that they will recover the cost.
    But traffic in India is so thick that many times its impossible to catch a speeder in cities. Even on open highways you need to be cautious. So having a speed limit set to a real unrealistic level is the only option.
    There are no traffic surveys etc.,. You can fight your ticket in court, but your dates will be far away, and the judge will announce a verdict without listening to you at all.
    The whole system is very corrupted.
    So your only option is not to come on the radar.
    I have been ticketed once, for doing 82kmph(written on the ticket) in a 80kmph zone. It was an old radar gun which I bet does not have an accuracy of more than 5%.
    But they were ticketing those at 81kmph too.

    Apart from this another trick is being used.
    In India the police can set the speed limit at any level they want. For example on one road the recommended speed limit by survey was 80kmph, but police set it at 50kmph, and the law is such that the police department decides.
    So you have a long flat highway which is a kind of ring road around the city. Since city speed limit is 50kmph(30mph) the 8 lane expressway also has that limit.
    Now realistically you cannot drive at 30mph on an empty road, it defeats the purpose of an expressway.
    Such things are being used in smaller towns, thankfully speed limits are a little more realistic in other places.

    In the US you actually have some chance of beating a ticket, in India they only way to do so is outrun the cop(not very difficult on an open road, if they cant radio up a barricade(rare case).
    In city you will be stuck in a traffic jam very soon, so don't even try.

    End of months are ticket days when they come out with their Radar vans. Since they get a share of revenue, they are pretty enthusiastic.
    As for honesty, the govt also knows that honesty is totally absent from the police in India, so radars are photo radars most of the time.

    Anyways some guys have gotten LIDAR(I don't know how).
    Till now a cobra can be good enough too, but god help the motorists if they get on the LIDAR.

    And before you ask.. yes Radar detectors are illegal. Now law, but what the cop says on the spot is the law, such is the law in India.
    Any judge can pass an order and make it a law too.
    For example the motor Vehicles act(or DMV act for you) says 30% tints are legal, but a judge recently passed a law which made all tints illegal, beat that

    Anyways end of rant.

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    Wouldn't u like to know


    I am left with one question how fast can their police cars go? Because i don't think i would stop and i don't think they would catch me. Do they even have a way to raio other cars incase their is a chase.

    Also when i was in india last year we asked our driver to stop somewhere well we got drinks. When we got back to the car he was getting a ticket from two cops. One of them looked high ranking (he had a pretty sweet uniform). Anyway my dad felt bad for getting this guy in trouble so he went over to the officer handed him 100 bucks and he let us go.

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    I thought in countries like that it was speed or get run over.....I was in Jamaica a few years ago and I can't see how any traffic laws are enforceable. :shock: I was kill or be killed.

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    Yeassh, why bother with Radar then? I'd just "say" that someone was speeding and fine em 8)

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    Quote Originally Posted by vliou2173
    Yeassh, why bother with Radar then? I'd just "say" that someone was speeding and fine em 8)
    I guess they use the radar equipment to somehow assuage their guilty consciences. It sounds like the judges are on the take too.

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    Police cars mostly top out around 110 kmph. But in city it does not matter, you will meet a jam soon.
    So on inside city toll roads, you can't run, its simple.
    You have this 3 km toll road, which ends in traffic jam, on the highway well its the open road, and if you know the area a little its easy to get away.



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