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    Default Crazy Idea--see what you think

    Over the years, I've come up with many oddball ideas.

    The idea I had most recently was of a Networked Radar Detector. The Networked Radar Detector would not only detect radar and laser but have GPS and Bluetooth connectivity.

    What it would do is, when radar or laser is detected, it communicates this to other people's Networked Radar Detectors via the wireless telephone network. Obviously, you'd need a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

    For example, if you were traveling down I-12 eastbound and you are detecting Ka Band, this would be relayed to other NRD users down the road behind you and ahead of you. Their units could say something like "Ka detected 5mi".

    You could be able to configure the detector to alert you only if the other detector's alert meets your criteria, for example, you could set it so you only get a network alert if the signal is "x" strong. You could select how far of a warning you'd like (e.g., 5mi, 10mi, etc...) If such a detector were to have a feature similar to the "Truelock" on the new Escort unit, it would not only block out the false signal from your detector but it would filter out network alerts, too, provided that it meets the same criteria (frequency and GPS coordinates.)

    Such a device would have caveats, though. If you were going over an overpass, for instance, and you detected Ka ahead, then the detectors in the cars passing underneath would get a warning, too. If it were possible to determine from which direction the signal was coming from, then the warnings could be delivered based on GPS data. Additionally, it'd be worthless unless there was enough users out there to make it worthwhile. I'd imagine something like this would be expensive to make plus there'd have to be some type of monthly fee for the network alert feature in addition to requiring a mobile phone.

    Well, that's the idea. What do you think of it?

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    Sounds similiar to the Military's Datalink system, but it would be hard to implement at a low enough price to get alot of use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nighthawk243
    Sounds similiar to the Military's Datalink system, but it would be hard to implement at a low enough price to get alot of use.
    Stellar idea, but unfortunately... x2

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    If Escort ever fully implements the USB port on there 9500I most of the above (except the wireless Bluetooth instant sharing) will come to reality according to there patent.

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    Good idea would work but while driving awfully sophisticated and hard to pay attnetion to. Blue tooth 500 feet at best. cellphone sms would work

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    I think he means send the location and band to another RD via the cell phone by data only.

    It is similar to what pilots use, except they give their findinds to traffic controlers.

    I fly a private plane for kicks. My hobbies are to expensive, RD's and planes. I really need to get into collecting rocks or something.

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    i don't see it happening. the strongest allowable output is supposed to limit bluetooth range to about 100m. now, i could probably see wifi in use.. however with both technologies you would need an extremely high-gain antenna.

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    I'm pretty sure that I recall reading some obscure radar detector patent for this very idea. :cry:

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    Deja Vu, I posted nearly the exact same thing except my example was north south.

    Not sure if Bluetooth would be enough range but the New CB VHF frequencies would work.

    Keeps sending a hello beacon, oncoming unit greets it and exchanges data.

    Maybe Cobra could make it since they cant detect radar very far their unit can ask someone elses.
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    how would the other units know my cell number? I wouldn't want my RD calling home every so many seconds/minutes to update its location and gathered alerts.

    It could work if google buys the 700mhz frequency thats up for sale by the FCC. They plan on giving everyone free internet, and they want to be able to give other companies access to this spectrum, so in theory RD manufacturers could make use of this.



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