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    Default Best Radar Detectors for Massachusetts?

    Which Radar Detectors would you recommend for New England, Boston, MA?


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    Well I lived 20 years in Deerfield, MA (western MA) and most of the townies and even state troopers used CO and left it on all the time. At the time I was running a LRD 6299SWS Uniden, and it might as well have been a cop detector in that area in those times. I was out visiting family recently, and a couple of the LEOs i saw while driving around in my brother's truck (he still runs a 6399SWS) were still driving around with it on. That may only be for that area but who knows.

    It would seem any middle range detector would give you stellar performance for that area if this is a practice for most of MA. Even a low end one would still give you warning if they all mostly run CO. Maybe someone whos lived there more recently or still lives there could add more to this though.



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