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    I just bought a PNI Sensoro "Alpha" for $23... as a temporary detector solution.

    Apparently the list is about $130... and this one is new, must have "fell off a truck" or something... :?

    Do they suck as much as the Radio Shack pieces or are they pretty good? It's a corded detector with a compass...

    From what I've seen about it, it seems to be a superior detector than my old Bel 855STi, but the STi cost about $330... ah how I love technology!

    I heard this is a captive import of Attowave manufacture?

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    I've been wondering about the PNI 7500/7600. I know the range sucks, and I know they delay a few seconds before reporting alerts. But they must be a pretty quiet detector. I am wondering if they are along the lines of "if it goes off you better hit the brakes because it's definitely a cop". Might be OK for a casual speeder who isn't worried much about instant-on, or someone easily annoyed by ANY falsing.

    Anything is better than nothing...

    Believe it or not, yesterday an old Passport 4600 saved me from a ticket.

    I had my V1 inside for a few days, and I hooked up the 4600 for the drive to work and back. The cop was using constant on K-band in a 25MPH zone. In this stretch of road, there are NO houses and NO side roads. There's a little hill and a curve, total speed trap. 25MPH is not a reasonable speed here. Less than a mile away, the speed limit is 40MPH by a school, and a little farther away, there is another school where the limit is 35MPH.

    A guy I know got a ticket last week in one of these 25MPH zones, the first ticket he's had since he was 18 years old and he's in his 40s now. I convinced him to go to court...

    On another note, my GF got pulled over yesterday. Not for speeding though, she was sort of lost and slowed WAY down at a flashing yellow intersection. She didn't have her license with her, and the cop couldn't find her in the computer either. He kept asking if she was on drugs...LOL. He questioned her for like 20 minutes, but ended up letting her go




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