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    I'm looking to get a radar since I drive 90+ on highways. I'm considering the V1 and Bel 995; from what I see on this forum those 2 appear to be among the most popular.
    Any suggestions on one or the other? Also, am I correct in thinking that the V1 or 995 will be enough, or do I need to go further with jammers?
    Thanks in advance.

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    The V1 is the best performing detector out there, so I don't think you can go wrong with it.
    As far a laser jammers go, is laser really an issue for you? Where do you live?

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    I'll be traveling from Indiana to Tennessee.
    So I'll be driving through parts of Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee. From the radar bands page it looks like Missouri in particular likes laser

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    I'll vote for the V1 too. I've had mine about 3 weeks or so. Took a little getting used to (coming from an 8500 X50). But overall, I like it better than the X50.



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