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    Default Today I got a cobra XRS R7 was it a good buy?

    I used to have the escort 7500. I just thought i need it an update. In Best buy the said that the cobra xrs r7 was the best at the moment i paid $320. I use to love my escort, so I dont know what to do if return it or keep it. should I get a little more money and buy the V1 or escort 9500 or what do u guys recommend me to do.

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    Wow you should have posted here before you bought that!

    Return it as soon as you can!

    You can pick up an used V1 from Valentine with full warranty for $359 so you might want to do that.

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    ick. go get your money back and look at picking up a V1, 9500i, or STi.

    the little bit of time I've had with the unit it falses more on Ka than it does actually alerting to legitimate radar.

    since you bought it at bestbuy to avoid the restocking fee make sure you tell them it's defective, all cobras are so you don't have to pay it.

    Since you have to go back to BestBuy pick up a 9500i and give it a try. It's a real solid detector with some fun features.

    Also inquire about the replacement plan, you have to buy it under GPS Device. It's around 40 dollars for 4 years of free replacements.

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    Just a word of warning, stay away from Cobra detectors.
    Cobra are pretty much the worse detectors made on the
    market. They make them look cool as a marketing tactic.
    most people see the low price, slick design, and deceptive
    description on the package and assume it must be a state
    of the art detector. Trust me, they are not. In fact, they
    make other high end detectors false because of their
    leaky frequency design.

    If you want a great detector, go with either a Whistler
    pro 78 or a Beltronics 955. Well worth the investment.

    Hope this helps you decide.....

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    $320? For that much you could have got the Escort x50! If you don't open the package you don't have to pay the restocking fee. If you did, just say it's defective like thestation suggested. After all, you didn't know that's how a Cobra is supposed to work... :wink: .
    If you've got the money I'd definitely suggest 9500i or V1. I don't have either but they do seem to be excellent detectors. I do have the x50 and for the price you paid the x50 blows Cobras away.

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    How the hell did you pay 320 for a cobra?

    Are these US dollars?

    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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    if the message isn't clear already, return it return it return it. That is a big step down. Put your 7500 in your glovebox. that'll roughly equal the effectiveness of a Cobra

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    $320 is expected retail for the XRS7. Yeah, it's not worth it....sadly. Cobra knows everything about designing radar detectors except the part about making them work. If you turn off everything you don't need, like POP, safety alert, VG-2, and Spectre (well, depending on where you live), it won't false much but it still won't alert at near the distance (if at all) of a Bel, Escort, Valentine, or Whistler.

    Best Buy doesn't sell Bels, I don't believe. So if you want a good detector at that price go for the 8500x50. For $100 more, you can have a 9500, which is great except for the complaints about the ramp up. If you're sticking to retail, the best value for you would be to wander over to Circuit City and buy one of the Vector series Bels. If you're a sucker for features, buy the best Bel you can find. If you just want a good detector, any of the Vectors would work and seem to have about the same sensitivity. But the 9500 at Best Buy will be about the best retail unit you can get. While you're at it, send an angry email to Cobra telling them how disappointed you are that they don't make better detectors. Hopefully, one day they'll at least make ONE model to cater to people who want a real detector.

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    what about the Model: SOLOS2?

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    Okay how about you tell us how much your looking to spend?



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