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    Default Newbie Question- Stealth Motorcycle use?

    I have read here a couple hours worth and even visiting some of the remote links etc.

    I have a basic understanding of the top units from the reading but having trouble finding an answer to what I am looking for. BTW great forum.

    I am thinking I want a remote mounting unit with concealed sensors facing front and rear and a very discrete display mounted where I can see and adjust it. Don't need audio but might make use of audio jack at some time. My bike is pretty quiet but I crank the music at times.

    I ride a Goldwing 1800 so I have lots of opportunities for mounting. I might be able to mount the main unit between the front tire and center below the headlights for front and places to mount a rear facing sensor. Environmental conditions are a concern there!

    Any recommendations, examples, tips or rants on what I want to do? Welcome all "constructive" comments.

    If it makes a difference I live in Central Mass where I do most of my driving on rural roads where I see a lot of traps especially early AM hours.

    Thanks in advance

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    There are only two companies that make the top remote units.Beltronics and Escort.I know both offer an external speaker that is pretty loud.As far as beltronics you can go with the RX75 Pro which is just a remote radar system with a front and rear laser sensor, or the RX75 Pro Plus which adds laser defense,remote speaker,and trim bezel.The Escort line offers the SR7 which is just remore radar system with laser sensors,or the SRX which offers radar system and laser defense.Personally i prefer the Beltronics line myself.Just seems like it's the better made line of the two.



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