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    Default Types of Radar used in U.K.

    I was just wondering what the common types of radar, the cops use here in the U.K.
    I know this board is mostly U.S.A, but have noticed a few from over here.

    If someone lets me know, i'd like to know what type of detector they are using (and is it any good?)


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    they use k and ka band radar guns either kuston signals falcon or speeder radar gun.

    they also use mini gatso on ku band, normal gatso on k band!

    radar guns are pretty rare but they have been giving them to villagers to catch speeding cars in their own villages!

    the police use laser this is their favorite, they use the lti 2020 ultralyte and the safety camera vans use the bigger orignal lti 2020!

    they also have various other speed equipment like truvelo cameras and specs which dont use radar! the only way to find theses is to buy a gps system!



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