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    Default Merlin Bluetooth detector ... Something new ?

    Today I have found something new

    they say its better then the 975

    It works with bluetooth on your PDA, smartphone whatever

    * link removed by me *

    I can't read much Spanisch ... so ....

    and here is some more info

    * link removed by me *

    have fun discussing this, there is also a thread about it on


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    Default MERLIN radar-detector...old news

    This is not a new detector.The Merlin antenna can be connected to many different interfaces/GPS speedradar locators,such as:Only You,Lince,Gepard,Qintezz Locator or to a plug(goes in cig. lighter socket) with radar band ID LEDs.It's available in cable or bluetooth version,antenna is connected remotely-via BT,to interface.I remember the first version of Merlin's antenna-called V1,was a fiasco.Then Demac(the producer) develop a second version of antenna,called V2.Right now Merlin with V2 antenna,is around +/-10% less effective,then Bel975.BUT,remember,this is when you compare them in Ka-narrow mode.Merlin covers K-band,Ka-swide and Ka-narrow(34.26;34.36;34.7;35.5GHz).After Merlin detects the signal it alerts for 30 seconds and then it shuts off,reboots in 60 seconds.We don't have 2-3 miles detection,with our EU radars,we get around 500 meters detection,on good day :wink: .So this feature works for us,plus you avoid the risk of Spectre detection,if the LEO is running radar and Spectre,together. What's amazing about this detector is that it DOESN'T HAVE FALSE ALERTS.On 2000km test-trip,Merlin gave 3 FALSE ALERTS and without any GPS (or TruLock or whatever 9500i has),help.Filtering on Merlin is really superb.You can also set the speed limit,above wich you want to have audio alerts....bla,bla,bla and many other features I can't remember.

    Merlin is specially designed for use in SPAIN and most of GPS speed-cam--radar locators,that Merlin uses as "interface" to display alerts,only have database for SPAIN.Some also have France and UK database,too.My point is:This RD is not designed for USA.Sure,you can use it in USA,but you cannot use all of Merlin's options/features,because it wouldn't work good (or at all) in USA.This is only one,among many other European RDs that are not interesting/designed for USA market.

    BTW,Filtering is FAR more superior and advanced than on 9500i.
    I'm talking about filtering without GPS "help".

    QRT...about Merlin being better then Bel975...don't belive all the info/tests posted on websites that sell Merlin or Bel975 or whatever RD...of course,they wil say Merlin is better,because it's more €€€.Search around for other,more "reliable" tests of Merlin and see for yourself.

    You should remove those links.It's against the rules to post direct links to RD/LJ dealers and manufacturers.

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    I removed the links

    interesting comment you have written down there

    thx for the info



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