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    Default "measure the risk of ticket by detector”

    “A way to measure the risk of ticket by detector”

    I think this is a cool question so we will need a list of important factors (rating importance from 1-10). I hope to create a mathematical equation. Hers my thoughts please add yours.

    1) Sensitivity - 10
    2) Detection range - 10
    3) Filtering - 10
    4) Reaction time - 5
    5) Ability to communicate threat - 5
    6) Preference - 3
    7) Speed at which you’re local LEO will definitely give a ticket - 10

    Im not sure if it’s going to be in questionnaire form to calculate for an individual, or simple math to see how you’re RD stacks up.

    Im thinking a decision guide may be cool

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    I take it that #s 6 and 7 are personal attributes, not those of the detector?
    Could you define them? 8)

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    6 is more of a personal preference like red display instead of blue, it may not make it into the final equation but I don’t want to miss anything. 7 can be very important in which RD will give the best results.

    For example a V1 would have high marks because of how sensitive it is but a STI would have higher marks because you live in VA.

    So that’s another one to add:

    8 ) Degree of stealth
    9 ) Are RD’s legal where you live/drive

    I’m looking for what people think makes a good detector other than just sensitivity. Sensitivity isn’t the only thing in a RD that can prevent a ticket.

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