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    Default Best RD to buy for hot climate, sun and convertible?

    Hi all,

    I'm in the market to buy a new RD. I do know that in general electronics and very hot temp. doesn't always work together. I live in Vegas and we all know it's mostly sunny all year round and it gets very hot during the summer. I also drive a convertible all year round with 95% of the time top down. The RD will be mostly used for in and around the city and the occasional longer car trip which I usually take the wife's car (SUV). I don't commute since I work from home and I never leave anything in my car and if I do I mostly leave it in the trunk.

    So my question is what RD would be my best option. Should I just forget about the Belscorts (was looking at the V955) because I've read and heard from many sources that they can't take the heat that well. Would the Pro 78 be a better choice.

    My main concern is the extreme heat and strong sunrays constantly targeting the RD when driving or standing at the lights.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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    I would say get a V1. As you said your just asking for trouble with the belscort products and heat. The V1 should be fine and also is the top performer. If you want to spend less look at some of whistlers products.

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    The CP test seems to show that V1 was affected by heat too, just never warned the user.

    I want to build a RD with a solar powered built-in fan. You park in the sun, it blows itself.

    Who wants to buy my patent?

    Belscort? Mike? Cobra? Hello?

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    get a v1 and take it down when u park with the top down or up...a v1 is a target for a thief and can be damaged if it gets like over 180 degrees..and trust me it can! that magnesium his very sensitive to heat

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonnyZero
    You park in the sun, it blows itself.
    Now thatís something any guy would like

    The Bell will tell you if itís being affected by the heat as aposd to you guessing with the V1. I would make a white cardboard cut out for the top of the RD to help reflect the sun.

    If you donít mind the extra $$$ you can get a V1 with a remote display so you can mount it real high and behind your RVM.

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    IMO hot temps and RD are not a problem during driving. While driving the temperature isn't really hot enough.

    RD problems with temp only occur when it is way hotter in there and you also would have temp problems

    The main issue is if you leave it sitting on the dash broiling with the car parked. If you put it somewhere cool (eg under the seat) and then bring it up while driving, especially on a convertible with the amount of airflow - this is not an issue to be terribly concerned with.

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    Magnesium, as we know, isn't the most stable of metals. I wonder if it would be possible to make a V1 explode into flames while attached to the windshield.

    Nothing against the V1; I'm thinking I'll be buying one myself once my X50 bites the dust (hopefully a ways off). I just think it'd be hilarious to see someone walk away from their car, then turn around in horror as the V1 explodes in a blindingly-bright fireball.



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