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    Default using 2 radar detectors in the same car?

    hey all, im new to this forum. i currently own a v1 which i must say is amazing. i also recently was given a escort passport 8500 x50 Blue by a friend of mine, they go for around $340. my question is, by me using both of these radars in my car at the same time, would they interfer with eachother or give me better results because i have 2 running? thanks in advance for your responses.

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    Wouldn't u like to know


    In short YES.

    There are many posts on this.
    infact there is one about 7 below this one on the same page.

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    They just might work if they were isolated well enough...MAYBE if you mounted the V1 behind your grille and the X50 in your trunk?

    There's not much to be gained, though, and you'd in fact lose the benefits of mounting high. You're better off just selling the X50, or keeping it as a backup.



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