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    Default Another naive question

    All the data on the bands used by PDs in my area (Columbia MO) that I could find using references in this forum show nothing but "red light cameras" in the city, which is not terribly helpful. Is this sort of information collected just by the lucky or unlucky encounters with the actual guns?

    I mean, is it a tightly guarded local secret (what type of gun is used locally), so one has to find it out only by accident, or there actually exist municipalities that would reveal it for the asking?

    The question is probably silly, sorry.

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    There are a number of ways people find out what type of equipment the local police are using.

    Looking inside a police cruiser is the most obvious. Or, you can ask a cop what they're using. Also, many jurisidictions make public the purchase orders for the police radar, letting you surf the web for this info.




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