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Thread: GPS and RD .

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    Default GPS and RD .

    Many GPS out there will alert you when you go over the speed,
    they have the speed limit in their data base.
    now my question is this. Why RD like 9500 dont have that data base inside as well.
    it should be MUTE as long im under the speed limit. and UNMUTE it'self ONLY when i'm going over the speed.
    so simple to do ....that will be really nice feature to have.

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    because GPS units have mapping databases in them which include speed.. and even then, their databases don't have ALL the speeds for ALL roads.. usually just the main roads and highways.

    9500i mutes according to your coordinates, not based on road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cell21633

    9500i mutes according to your coordinates, not based on road.
    i know that .... i was asking why they cannot take it one step beyond what it is.
    If the data base missing roads it should go to it's "default" = Unmute for the missing road.

    the RD can have the same Data base as a GPS ... with all the mapping.

    basically i can take a wire out of my GPS connect it to the Mute in the V1 and that is it.
    if i can do that , RD manufactures can do that too ...
    it's too simple.

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    A database of all roads and PSL's is gonna be *huge*! Who's paying for all that storage and processing power?

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    well i got all the US maps in my NUVI. and all the new GPS today are like that too "pre loaded " with all the US maps. it's standard thing. i see no problem putting those inside RD. with premium prices on V1 and 9500 i see no problem ...

    not to mention they don't really need a full data base. i'm sure they can get a better "deal" from the map/data base companies that will sell them LITE version with the speeds only.

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    The last thing I need is my RD telling me that I am doing 56 in a 55, repeatedly.

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    The thing would probably cost ~$1000!

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    yea who needs it...just slow down when ur RD goes off

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    My guess is that you'll be able to do something similar when the
    USB software comes out. I have a Garmin 340 and I edit
    csv files and upload them to my GPS... You can do the same with
    yours.... I have scores of poi's in my detector where I have set
    it to alert me at certain coordinates if I am over the speed limit.

    -80.606112 35.350002 Speed Trap@55 Hwy49 Bridge

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    Quote Originally Posted by djrams80
    The last thing I need is my RD telling me that I am doing 56 in a 55, repeatedly.
    you totally didn't understand the idea.
    it's just about MUTE and UNMUTE the detector .

    and no , it's not suppose to cost $1000.

    if some of the GPS cost less then $200 for COMPLETE systme.
    the addition of the data base just for the speed should not cost more then $50 for the manufacture




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