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Thread: 8500 X50 Horn

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    Default 8500 X50 Horn

    Hey guys,

    How do we tell if our 8500 X50 has the S7 horn or the M4 horn? Which one does the STI driver have again? (or is it different b/c of the dual horn design?)


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    The Rev 5 and previous X50's used the "S7" receiver. These will have an FCC ID of QKL8500.

    Rev 6.1 and later use the "M4" receiver. These will have an FCC ID of QKLX5M4.

    I believe you are correct about the STi having a different horn design than the X50's. I've seen pictures of the STi's dual horn design somewhere but can't seem to find it right now.

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    sti: =500&calledFromFrame=N&application_id=994342&fcc_i d='QL4G8M3'





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