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Thread: Laser false?

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    Default Laser false?

    Here I was, driving along the highway which parallels the river, about to cross a bridge with a bunch of fishermen on it, when I get hit by a laser alert on my 8500i. I looked around and saw no LEO, no squadcar, no motorcycle or anything. I was heading towards a oil tank farm, FWIW. I guess someone with a laser pointer was on the bridge, and bored with the lack of fish biting decided to shoot it at oncoming traffic, esp. if they could see a detector on the vehicle. Any devices out there which can give off a laser false? Strange...

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    Was this near an airport by any chance?
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    When the sunlight hit perfectly, I'd get laser with my old x50. Could be a number of other things as well though. You said you went over a bridge. If you could try going back and repeating it a few times to see if it'd happen again.. It could be some sort of metering device being used or something for traffic regulation

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    How about one of those overhead lighted signs above that get frequent updates? Drove me nuts on my way though PA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radarroy
    Was this near an airport by any chance?
    while we're on the subject, i receive tons of laser falses when near an international airport. I'm wondering what the heck this is.

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    Could've been someone's uplevel car. The cars that use lasers to park themselves or run some system can set a sensitive enough detector off.

    Also, some tail lamps give off too much radiation and sets them off too.



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