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    Default Whistler 3450 and Whistler 3500

    I already posted this in the Whistler forum, sorry about the double post, but I wasnt getting much response there:

    I'm new to the world of Radar detection, I've recently started a job which takes me a good 40000 road miles a year, I've been doing it two months and I've already been pulled twice (got away with both, but might luck won't hold forever).
    I want a radar/Laser detector which works well in the uk and that has seperate under-the-hood sensor so I can keep getting away with it. I dont think having a unit velcro'd to the dash goes down well with your reasonable traffic copper.

    I'm looking at the Whistler 3XX0 as it's about the ony thinkg in my price range and it can display its txt sidways which is a plus for the instalation I have in mind.

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the Whistler 3450 and the Whistler 3500? and If they work OK in the UK?

    I really want to go permenant install, I already have GPS, two phones, an Ipod and an FM transmitter to remove everytime I get out of the car i dont want another bit of kit to cart around!

    Cheers All

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    You're probably going to need a laser jammer instead of a "detector" I'm afraid. Becuase the vans tend to set up on short stretches just after bends, detecting laser over here is pretty pointless - by the time you've detected it you've usually been done.

    Look at this page and click on the map of the UK for what you need in the different regions.

    You should look to deal with the biggest threat first - which is probably laser - and for that you should investigate jammers.

    You only need a radar detector if you're in Yorkshire, South east, South West, Scotland and parts of Wales.

    Hope this helps

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    I am in deed in Yorkshire! I have GPS warnings of the van positions, I'm having trouble with the Police parked on the moterway sides and bridges, whats the most common system they use?

    Laser Jammers are tenuously legal, I know the vans cant pull you but the cops will if your jamming them, and they'll do you for obstructing a police officer in his work or somthing!

    I have no electric gates or garrage doors before anyone asks!

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    I believe radar detectors have recently been deemed not legal in the UK.

    Be sure to check on the fines before making your decision to purchase a radar detector there.

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    I was not aware of that, does anyone know for definate what the legal status is in the UK?



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