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    Default I Like modifying things

    I'm a proffessional tinkerer and I like to modify things.
    I'm interested in what sort of sensor the laser detector of my snooper uses, some sort of diode i assume i havent taken it appart yet.

    In the Uk, I dont think the police use radar much anymore, they leave all that to the Gatsos, I think they use mainly lasers on the bridges and road sides. Please correct or confirm that for me if your in the know!

    If there main target for the Laser is the license plate then that would be the best place for the laser detecting diode.

    I'm wondering If I can take the diode off the PCB of the RD and move it on a flying lead down to the license plate. it all depend what sort of a signal/voltage change there is between the sensor and the PCB if its fairl large, over 1/2 a volt then it will probably work over 4m of coax.

    Anyone know how a laser detector works?

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    I've seen police in the UK still use radar.

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    yes mounting it by the license plate would probably help you get better laser detection. but overall, it's fairly meaningless in terms of expecting it to save you. would be neat to do though and probably would help you get a lot more laser alerts if it's missing some currently

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    It cant hurt to know there's a laser on you!

    Anyone know what the technique used for laser detection is?



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