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    Default friend wants to buy my rx65 off do you think its a good pric

    hey my friends whats to by my rx65 off me that i had for 2 years and that i bought from ebay for 224 and he is willing to pay 150 dollars for it do you think this is a good deal this way i could put down 250 for a new v1 that i always wanted

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    he's a friend sell it for $100.00

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    You dont need to know


    Quote Originally Posted by thestaton
    he's a friend sell it for $100.00
    yes , $100 is great price ... you can get the same thing for $150-200 on e-bay which i wont recommand to get it from .... but hes a friend ... and will curse you ever signle day if he get a ticket after that ... " that was just a glance of the dark side " .... anyway ... be generous and give him for $100 bux ...



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