Well I try to do a good thing and end up getting bit in my butt....

The intent of the V1 auction was for a USER of the board to obtain the detector, not a company and/or person that would be using it for a other intended reason either justified or not...

Forty five minutes PRIOR to the end of the auction I received a telephone call from one of my ADMINS telling me what was happening. I could have had him or another user outbid the high bidder, but my integrity and the integrity of the board is utmost importance to me. Therefore I decided to approach this head on.

Arrangements with the high bidder ($450.00) will be handled in private and this will be between SML, myself and the high bidder.

Now as for the original high bidder for the unit (prior to he being outbid). I will be purchasing a NEW Valentine One radar detector and offering to them for his last high bid. (I ask that he PM me for arragements if they are still interested)

I deeply appologize to the users of the forum for what should had been a "fun" auction to provide a quality product at a low cost, that quickly turned into a delimia for the parties involved.

This thread will be locked and this will be my only "public" response to this topic. You are all welcome to PM me with any additional concerns/comments regarding this.