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    Default Interesting (IS any RD can reduce speed reading ?)

    Hello to All

    Surfing to some web site I have found out that some RD can reduce of 50 % the speed given by a speed radar

    Here the link:

    It is in french but basicly they said that this item can reduce 50 % the speed driving when a radar give it .....

    Never seen anything like this before .........

    Any comments ?

    Fred :?: [/img]

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    Default Google Translated

    You can use Google to translate, sounds like a RMR knock off to me, meaning they don't work...
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    totalement faux...

    bull$*#($ it also claim that it can jam laser :?

    Stay away from that product

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    Take a look at these two detectors. Do you see what I see?

    Both of these detectors are the super stealth 9000! A piece of shi+

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    hi Guys

    Once again a really usefull forum and confirming what I tought before the posting.
    Roy a good market is here as we do have a some f...g sellers riping of people who are so afraid here from the speed but having no idea how to protect themself about tickets ....
    The day when an undetectable RD is there with a good price (not 1400 USD LOL), thenfore it will be a great market to handle here in France, for sure but till that benedict time many guys will be ripped off.

    On my aknowladge only 1 guy is proposing the V1 here but not the stealthed one

    Thanks guys I can now answer to someone who was near to buy this s..t

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    Default Re: Google Translated

    Quote Originally Posted by RadarRoy
    You can use Google to translate, sounds like a RMR knock off to me, meaning they don't work...
    Someone would actually copy RMR?

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    In my opinion some are using some US detector at cheap price, putting their own "title" and reselling them what ever is their performances, what is important is to attract the client and sell it and of course lately it is impossible to any "after sell"

    Of course this RD are not working here in France and EU in correct way.... but till no one is doing a good website in french (for my country for instance and Switserland, Belgium) and giving possibility to propose an undectable detector then plenty of people had, is and will be ripped off by such guys .....

    This is a reality ....

    Roy ready ????



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