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    Default Fuzzbuster F4000 - Whistler

    The Whistler Fuzzbuster f4000 .

    I bought this thing in Tenerife but I still have no idea if this thing also works in Europe? I paid it 100 euros (too much i think)

    I live in Belgium and I see only reviews from this antir-radar in USA.

    Anyone knows if I am also protected against most cameras in Belgium?
    Or is it uselless and only good for US citizins?

    I really have no idea which kind of frequencies are used here and which the fuzzbuster can detect.

    Thanks and best regards!

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    The Fuzzbuster is not a Whistler model. The unit does detect X, K, and Ka and Laser

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    in Belgium following frequencies are used:

    X-band 9.41
    X-band 10.525
    K-band 24.125
    Ka-band 34.36

    So i really hope he detects them all !
    Dont know if fuzzbuster is a good one or not...



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