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    Default Vermont Drive-by Radar: Your Wisdom Please

    Here in Vermont, the speed limits make no pragmatic sense: a back road in the middle of nowhere may have a 35 mph speed limit, while in a village (where there are children about and I believe 30 to be prudent) the limit may only dip from 50 to 45, for the convenience of trucks barreling through.

    Which brings me to my dilemma. To raise revenues, the cops are prowling the formerly 'fun' back roads, with an in-car radar constantly going (no gun, just an in-car display), watching how fast cars coming in the opposite direction are allegedly going. I have serious doubts as to its accuracy, and to the hasty training of the uniformed individuals who insist that their device can accurately determine that it was grandmas's Subaru and not the barreling truck...

    Can anyone tell me what type of radar this is, and what detector(s) and methods are best to defend against this? Which detector(s) would work best at distinguishing the signal of the oncoming always-on type of radar from; say, the local cell tower? Does anyone else live in a similar area?

    My wife and relatives are chipping in to buy me a radar detector for Christmas/Chanukah/Birthday, all in the same month. Have lurked and searched both here and on, where I intend to purchase, without restriction on cost

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sounds like typical moving radar, and yes, they are fairly accurate and just like any other speed measurement tool has its flaws.

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    If they're using constant on, then it sounds like a fairly easy job for any competent radar detector. It's instant on / laser that's what's dangerous.

    On the cheaper side, you may want to look at the bel vector 940. It boasts the same detection range as the higher end vectors, and the escort x50. Some features are dropped though, but it's fine.

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    Haha, I know who you are

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    Well, you're one up on me

    (not too many SAABs left in Vermont)



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