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  • Escort 9500i

    7 29.17%
  • Valentine V1

    17 70.83%
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    Default Poll: Escort 9500i : Valentine V1 : Bel STI


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    It would be a neat feature to have in our profile an option to check which ones we own and actively use, then would it be possible to create a script to tally those results and constantly show what the "trend" is from this forum.

    Then there would never be the need for pointless questions like these over and over again -just teasing.

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    Just ordered a V1 last week after a year or two of hanging out around here.... It's a detector that fits my tastes, but of course no detector is perfect for everyone. Both the 9500i and V1 are fantastic detectors, and if the 9500i loses this poll it's only because it's a much newer product compared to the V1.

    BTW, some people own both, so you should've had both as an option ;-)

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    I made a new poll, that includes more models.
    The administrator should feel free to remove this post.
    Thank you



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