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    Default What do all of you think about the Undercover Sun Visor?

    I heard that it blocks the laser lens of your rd, is this true, and does any body use it with their rx65 is there any improvment of range or is it the same. But my main concern i that I heard it elimiates your chance of laser threat.

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    Basically you want your detector mounted level. If you can do that by mounting it in a visor pouch or with a visor clip then great otherwise if you are not level you will have a drop in performance. About laser, well if you cover the lens then yes you are blocking the laser receiver but laser warnings are useless most of the time anyway. The beam is only about 3 feet (at 1000ft even smaller as you get closer)wide so if you getting a laser alert it is most likely that your the one being targeted. It is most likely that by the time your RD alerts to laser the LEO already has your speed.

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    To be honest, unless you're using a V1 or VEIL (or both) I wouldn't even begin to worry about blocking the laser diodes.... they pretty much serve as a semireliable long-distance direct-hit warning....

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    I have the visor holder, and yes, it DOES block the laser lenses, both front and rear. As far as leveling it, I jam the visor clip in between the header and the visor. I have seen no reduction in performance by doing this. Seems to work great!



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