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    Default Something wrong with X50?

    I have had my X50 for about 2 weeks now, and on my first road trip it worked great, interstate i-64 crossing KY, WV, and VA. I picked up just about everything X, K, KA, Laser. Now back in VA I have a 130 mile round trip commute to work, half on i-64 and half on rural highway. I have passed at least 10 State Police and never heard a chip other than being 10 yards away when I get a 4-8 second x band spectrum. Are these guys just not running radar? None of them have been setting up a trap, just passing them on the highway or at stoplights. On my first trip I had the X50 in the middle lower part of the windshield and now I have it hard wired sitting right between the rear view and the roof. The blue tint is very faint and the detector is at least an inch below it. Any ideas?

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    Most likely the cops you passed weren't running radar.

    If you want to make sure your X50 is working, just pull into a grocery store parking lot. The door openers should set it off on X or K band.
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    BTW, I know my laser works because all I have to do is take it off of my windshiels and point it at my Nav screen, Laser alert instantly triggers.

    Also, is there any need to turn on POP in VA?

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    dont get to worried, i went 6 months once and passed a heap of HWP and all had no radar on.

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    Well you dont have one of the cars that have windshields that hurt your detection and the factory blue tint shouldnt make that much of a difference. I presume that you are just not getting hit. The X50 is such a quiet detector that sometimes I even wonder if its working. I would suggest that you use Hwy mode if you havent started doing that already. It will false more but it also will give you more range to real threats. Be careful of vascar too in your area. As for laser, if you want the best possible location to mount for alerts, it should be low by the dash. Of course, if it goes off its probably a ticket anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 330ciPP
    Also, is there any need to turn on POP in VA?
    Up here in Northern VA I haven't heard of, nor experienced any POP. My V1 has POP activated and I haven't had one alert. I travel I-66 daily and Route 29 (towards Charlottesville). I've encountered local LEOs and State LEOs. None were POPing. Interesting to note that most State Troopers I have encountered were not using radar either. Hmm...



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