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    Default Radar Detectors to be Banned in New Zealand

    I suppose it had to happen at one time...2 days after I bought a V1 as I didn't need the 'stealth' function on the STI :roll:

    FYI 100 Demerit Points in a 2 year period and your licence is suspended for 3 months..So that's three quarters of your points gone if you get caught using one( once the law has been established and phased in ) :shock: :shock:

    From NZ Herald

    Radar detectors will become illegal, attracting fines and demerit points on an escalating scale in a three-year, phase-out plan. Those using detectors will initially face $50 fines and 25 demerit points, rising to $150 fines and 75 demerit points in the third year.

    Transport Safety Minister Harry Duynhoven said he was prepared to withstand a potential backlash by those using detectors to lessen their chances of being caught.

    Good to watch this one...

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    It will prob never pass!! they have been trying to do that in USA for years.

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    Look hard and you'll find some politician getting kickbacks from the people who make the SPECTRE.

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    This new law will require a legislation change as there is a law which says that the public must be able to receive any kind of radio transmission.

    Unfortunately there is also a law that says you cannot act on any information that you may receive!

    This law change has been tried before but it has never got through because of this but I wouldn't put it past the Government getting it done stealthily this time as there is an election next year and old and uninformed people will go for that sort of ploy.

    As a LEO of 20 years I can say that I have NEVER been to a fatal crash where there has been a radar detector in the car, and probably only two decent crashes where there has been one. (and I was on the fatal crash investigation team for years too).

    I would say that if someone did statistics on it, it would probably show that you would be less likely to be involved in a fatal crash if you do have a detector.

    Guess if it does get passed it will just open up a lucrative niche market for concealment devices.

    Does anyone have any good ideas for concealment in a Toyota 4runner, Corolla or Subaru Legacy? I only have one RX65 which has to get moved around between the cars as I drive them so I guess it will have to be fairly flexible.

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    yes, there has been several researches done showing detector users are much more aware of their surroundings and safer drivers.

    As for concealments...just get a STi

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    Speeding is illegal too. Law were ment to bend.



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