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    Default New to buying radar detectors, need laser protection

    I'm thinking about going with the Valentine One but will that be enough to protect vs. laser detectors?

    I got my first speeding ticket ever driving in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota. I was very surprised to see a traffic cop car with a video camera, tripod, laser gun, and computer, come waltzing out of a farmtown with a population of 300. Seems like LIDAR is becoming standard all over the place.

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    The V1 has superb laser detection. However, 99% of the time it will be alerting when you're the one being targeted. Look into a laser jammer.

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    amen all a v1 can do about laser is tell do is alert u and let u no that u have already been or.yea it can pick up scatter but ur a lot safer with a jammer

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    Pick one of the top three laser jammers to go with your new Valentine One and you will be just fine.

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    I agree with the others here - if laser is your primary worry, you need to up the ante, and invest in a top-flight laser jammer.

    Yes, I do think that the top-flight radar/laser detectors can and will help you avoid a laser ticket, but such a scenario is significantly biased in-favor of the enforcer. To better your odds, a good active jammer setup is a much better bet.



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