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Thread: RD for B-Day

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    Default RD for B-Day

    well after having no RD for a while my GF bought me a Bel V940... She remebers back when i had my old one and said how much i loved it for the price.... Well ive since gotton a new car and need to hardwire it and even after hardwiring 4 RD ive forgotton alot.

    I already bought the add-a-fuse and i need to know....

    1.) Do i need to get the 4-prong phone cable (RJ-11 i believe)
    2.) out of the 4 prongs which one is power and ground (im assuming red=power and black=ground)
    3.)what are the other two prongs for?

    why im at it im going to quickly wire in a switch so that its a easy on/off thing...

    and last question.....
    I have those black dots at the top of my windshield and i cant remeber if it really is bad to have the RD behind those dots?

    Lol been on this forum forever and have been lurking in the car section for so long have forgotten everything about RD. hopefully if i remeber right the V940 lets me have NO X

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    There's s few threads on this talking about the position of the wires.

    This should help




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