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    Default Need Help Choosing New Detector!!!!! all opinions welcome

    OK, I'm at that point where I need a new detector . . . plain and simple. I have read up on every brand and model you could think of and I know a lot about them but I need some other opinions and experiences before choosing. I ultimatley want to stay below $330 so anything from the RX65 and the 8500X50 are in play. I'd rather stay away from the V1 STI and 9500 as I dont feel like putting that much $ into a radar although it may come to that, not sure yet. I am currently between the RX65 and 8500X50 but I also may be considering the BEL Vector 995 as its basically a cheaper RX65. I live in NJ and do highway and regular road traveling and I do tend to drive a little fast. I want a detector that is pretty sensitive but not too many false alerts (haha I know, join the crowd) And I do want the best laser protection as NJ tends to use that a lot on the highways. So if anyone from NJ or anywhere really could give me some input on their experiences or their knowledge of what's better for my likings, that'd be great. All inputs welcome, thanks again.

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    if you need laser protection then no radar detector will be any good for that department because laser can get your speed way too fast to give you any hope of slowing down in time. they will detect it but its really just telling you youre screwed.

    for laser you need a good jammer. there are a few good options out there but if you want to judge from these results

    and decide for yourself. i do not know how much these cost in the US as i am in Ireland but if you suffer from laser hits you will need one of these or you will be getting tickets, period.

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    955-995 are great buys and will get the job done if you want to save some cash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amoney
    955-995 are great buys and will get the job done if you want to save some cash.

    All of the detectors you've mentioned in your original post are fantastic units that'll give you great affordable protection, so ultimately it's just down to what luxury feature set you want to pay for.



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