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    Default Where to mount my radar detector on my particular vehicle?

    I just bought a Bel Vector 955, the same as a 985, radar/laser detector. I've heard from some that it's good to mount high on your windshield because there will be less interference in picking up radar and if a laser's shot at your license plate there's more of a chance that any laser particles that are deflected into random directions will come up and hit your detector if it's at that angle high on your windshield. Then I've heard from others that it's good to put it as low on your windshield as possible without having the wipers block its front view or else velcro mount it on the dash, because the diameter of LIDAR is only so wide and there's more of a chance that it'll hit the detector if it's as low as it can be, and others say that it's less likely that others will tailgate you because they see your detector or that police will try to take you by surprise to teach you a lesson when they see your detector because they don't like people who use them even though they are legal. What does everyone here know about all this? I was thinking about buying some Laser Veil to go along with this detector to buy me a few seconds if the detector goes off, since laser jammers are illegal in Utah.

    My particular vehicle model is a 1999 Ford Taurus (for those who hate Taurus's, I do too but this is the one I'll have for a while). The license plates are low on these vehicles and so I wonder if the laser would even reach my windshield if they aim for the front license plate, or even if they aim for the back? Would it even be worth the trouble to mount it low if the front and back plates are this low?
    [img] [/img]
    [img] [/img]

    If I mount it to my dash, is it bad if it's at an angle as long as the front and back ends point directly front and back? This is a picture of how I may velcro it to my dash if that's what I decide to do. Are there any problems with doing it this way?
    [img] [/img]

    Also, would mounting it low and using Laser Veil even help me out whatsoever law enforcement tries to LIDAR me from behind? The bottom part of the front windshield on the 99 Ford Taurus is slightly lower than the bottom of my rear window. It also has this thing that buldges up a little in the center of the very back. Here's a picture:
    [img] [/img]

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    Hey, I can help you out on a few of the things...

    1.) The best postion to mount your detector depends on what you want out of your detector/expect. If your needing laser protection then they reccommend in the center of your windshield - low. You will pick up the best chance of scatter there. Windshield Wipers: Well just put it high enough where the bottom of the detector is not even with the wipers and you'll be fine.

    2.) Its best to put the detector away if you were to be pulled over. Almost always if a cop see's a detector he will give you the speeding ticket automatically. In VA RD are illegal and I have mine high and out of visibility so I don't worry about that. But like I said its what your personal prefences regarding these issues are.. You know

    3.) I would reccomend using the suction mount, so don't worry about velcro.

    4.) Your screwed if they hit you from behind, but it more than likely won't happen.

    5.) My Personal Opinion on you getting Veil: Well I think they are not selling Veil right now because they are making a new version of the product soon. With that being said I personally think that you should invest in a Laser Jammer, Yes it may be illegal (In my state too) but your state I think uses Laser a lot so using your RD and Veil is not a good Idea. The laser jammer will allow you to use a Kill switch so when it alerts you slow down and at the correct speed kill the laser jammer and the cop will think nothing is wrong. I would highly recommend getting a laser jammer.

    (Spelling might be a little bad, and sorry if I didn't answer some of the questions, I'm on Dial Up at the moment and can't really look at the pictures.

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    yup i agree. if laser is used a lot in your area then you need a jammer.

    Laser pro park is a parking sensor so it has an excuse but it should not be a problem if you slow down and switch it off using the kill switch provided. LIDAR guns do not always lock on to cars straight away every time so if you act fast you should be ok.



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