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    Default Recently got my first RD for a roadtrip

    Hello all. Guess I'm officially "in the club."

    I purchased a Bel Vector 940 for a holiday jaunt from WI to CA. Wanted something not too expensive, but still worth a darn and the 940 seemed to be a reasonable choice. Didn't go too fast, at most around +5 to +10 over. Then again, didn't want to rip up my Blizzaks. Anyhoot, here are some of my thoughts, impressions and questions...

    Lots of cars seem to set off my detector (usually X, sometimes K) as they pass me. I'm guessing leakage from other detectors? Seemed really common, and was really irritating.

    The Sun seemed to set off a laser warning. This happened throughout Colorado and Utah at high elevations and on a clear day (I-70, and maybe a bit of I-15). Everytime the road curved so that I was facing directly at the Sun, "laser alert." If the road stayed facing that way for a while, it was a constant and repeating, "laser alert, laser alert, laser alert." Grrr!

    I did hit real laser though, somewhere in Southern Illinois on I-57. Got hit twice. First time there was a motorcycle cop standing next to his bike clocking us. Second time I never spotted anyone. However, it was overcast and I was heading North, so I doubt it was the wily Sun. I was pretty much going speed limit the whole way because other cars were being pulled over all over the place. Oh yeah, they were using Ka as well.

    Speaking of Ka, almost all the time I hear/see a Ka alert, I see a cop. Nice. Too bad not all cop cars have radar (or have it on) haha.

    Results: 5800 miles roundtrip in two weeks. $734 spent in gas averaging $3.33/gal. Overall average of 26MPG with a high of 30MPG in Illinois when I had the cruise set to the speed limit. Not bad for a car with an EPA rating of 19/25 city/hwy. Plus, no speeding tickets, not that I expected any. The detector was there mostly for me to shave 5MPH off my speed on occasion, haha.

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    Mount your RD behind the tint strip. This will reduce/eliminate laser falses and actually will increase its sensitivity to real laser since its detection circuitry won't be nearly as saturated due to IR from the sun.



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