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    Default To RadarRoy (Spectre Effect with 2-3 RD's)

    I would like to know what the effect of 2 or 3 RD's is on the spectre RDD signal strength wise. If you have 3 RD's on at the same time in your vehicle, will it give you a full strength signal with the spectre from a farther distance or will it have the same signal strentgth with just one RD from the same distance. I would like to see a test done to it. Results will be very interesting if 3 RD's can turn the spectre's signal to full strength. This may let LEO think that the vehicle with an RD is so close but in reality is still far away forcing him to possibly turn his radar gun and thereby detecting it in advance. This is just a thought. Who knows, it might work.

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    I don't think it would matter. Similar as you driving your RD towards 3 Police cars that are running Radar.

    I'm sure Professor Jim knows.

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    Professor Jim agrees with the horn.
    I don't think that runing multiple detectors would cause more RDD signal strength, it would work like in horn's scenario of multiple police cars. If you had multiple RDs in your car, the RDD signal strength would be probably determined by the detector that leaked the most.


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    Default Agree

    The detector that leaks the most would get the highest reading..
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