There has been allot of speculation here on the regarding the recent outages of the website. I cannot go into much detail as the matter is under investigation by authorities but if and when it is completed, I will provide all details.

In mid December we banned a user of the forum that used the username of Noorudeenshakur for violating the terms of the forum. A couple days after this ban I received two telephone calls from this individual, his last call threatened me and my family with personal harm if he wasn’t reinstated within a week.

He also followed up by calling two other administrators of this forum and also threatened them and their families with personal harm.

A couple days later a series of DDoS attacks was initiated by Noorudeenshakur against this website and he followed through with a series of emails and phone calls to users and administrators of this website bragging about his attacks. Noorudeenshakur stated in his emails and telephone calls that the only way he would stop these attacks if he was made an administrator of this forum.

Noorudeenshakur then followed up his attack against another administrator and me by posting personal information about us and our families and then doctoring them up with false FBI numbers and untrue information. These were (and still are) posted on numerous websites by Noorudeenshakur.

I cannot and will not allow any of my administrators or moderators comment further about this pending investigation and I would appreciate your assistance in this matter to curtail any further discussion on the subject here on this forum and others as to avoid compromising any pending action that may or may not take place.

I deeply apologize to all users of this forum for the outages and not being able to say more. If you have any information that you feel maybe helpful in identifying the suspects or may assist in the investigation please email it to me. If you do not have my email address PM me and I will provide my email address to you, please do not post any information publicly.