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    Default How this camera VITRONIC's PoliScanspeed works?

    VITRONIC's PoliScanspeed

    Does anyone know how this camera works?
    What technology does it use?
    Radar,laser or piezoelectric sensor???
    Has anybody the manual?


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    Like Traffic Observer laser,the Vitronic PoliScan auto-laser also scans the traffic automatically,both lanes at the same time,no matter how wide the road is.Even 6-lane motorway.It's often paired with ANPR(Auto-Plate-Reader)
    Here,see V1 in action alerting to PoliScan:

    Here is Vitronic website.see how PoliScan works:
    Here is another "deadly" device,automatic-laser Traffic Observer.The first picture shows how TO samples traffic in all directions and all lanes(I used translator):
    And manufacturers web,if you want to know more about this amazing auto-laser hi-tech device(click ENG,for english version):

    BTW,only Anti-Laser jams TrafficObserver,LPP doesn't.
    I wonder if LI can jam PoliScan or Traffic Observer.
    I don't know if AL jams PoliScan.Theres alot of speculation about that on German RD forum,but no conclusive evidence(video).



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