So I'm on 205N at a pretty good clip (in the passing lane no less ops: ) and there's this *tiny* hill coming up. As people crest the top, I see everybody's brake lights come on in unison. So I knocked her down to posted and as soon as I crested the hill, my V995 alerted to laser. I looked, and there's a WSP sitting in the median turn-around gravel thingy-mabobber with his passenger side window rolled down shooting PL3.

But I only was alerted once this time. The only other time that I have been alerted was when I was picking up my grandparents from the train station and I was hit (or it went off) three times. So I don't know if that was scatter or if he couldn't get a clear shot on me the first time.

But I just thought I'd post because my V995 (mounted very high btw, does a good job at detecting laser) is about to be pushed out to make room for my new V1 being delivered within 15 minutes!!