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    I found an RMR on a police auction site. They're probably reselling it because they know it doesn't work:

    Also a radar gun if anyone is interested:

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    @86 bucks


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    That is a pretty good website. They had a V1 there once $160 final bid but I didn't buy it since it was stolen and probably reported to V1. You could buy used Police Radars on there. There was a dozen posted last week and I am sure there will be more to come. Another good thing is that there isn't too many folks that know about this website. I bought an optional Honda Civic audio panel that usually goes for $130+30shipp on Ebay for $20 because the description of the item was really shady, but by looking at the pictures I figured out what it was and it looked like it had all the parts. When it came in I was surprised that all the parts were there and were new + it came with the manual which made the installation very easy.




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