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    Default Uk RD advice needed

    Hi guys , i`m across the pond in a land where RD`s are far a few between and like rocking horse poop to get a a decent price , last time i looked a V1 was around $1200 or 500 + ...wayy to much and typical of the UK in its pricing

    that aside i can always purchase Stateside and ship over , anyways the costs aren't why i`m posting

    the Uk i think if my research is correct uses Laser , K an Ka band and i`m looking for a decent RD that excells in these areas

    even buying Stateside the V1 tbh is darn expensive and a little old fasioned in its looks , the screen is also angled for you guys who drive on the wrong side of the road lol , so a bit of a pain for us r/h drive users to use

    i want something that can be mounted ON the dash low level as later this year the use of Rd`s is going to be banned in the UK , so hiding the unit is paramount , i`m also thinking of making a dash colored cowl to go over the unit that is low profile and has a smoked perspex front screen if needed to hide the unit , as long as the Rd is quite low in height , making something shouldn't be an issue , the thinner the RD the better

    what would you guys recomend , assuming my research is correct for the bands listed above ??? and also isn't a big hunk of a unit , maybe they are all generally small , i just don't no

    attaching a seperate display if optional would be ideal , i could then completely hide the RD and just use the optional display to control it

    with all that in mind , what would you guys have thoughts towards ???

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    i've never been to the UK so I might be wrong but I think it is mostly lidar and so you should get a laser jammer since and rd will probably do little to nothing.

    i'm probably wrong though.

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    The Bel STi is the only choice for those in areas where RD's are banned. It is undetectable by RDD's(radar detector detectors) such as the spectre 4. The Canadians on this site have lots of good ideas for hiding their STi's. That being said, if laser is your main concern, a jammer is the only option. Laser detection almost always means you are screwed. By the time you detect it, you're speed has already been recorded by the LEO.

    If money is no object, the Bel STi-r is a remote mounted RD that is also undetectable to RDD's. Also, the Escort 9500ci due out in April will also be RDD invisible.

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    thanks guys , laser jammers are a big no no here and if caught using one i think the penalty is banishment to Australia ...hmmm how much are they

    just found this on another web site about a Uk lasser jammer

    I have just been convicted at Sheffield Crown Court for having a laser jammer on my car. The charge was attempting to pervert the course of justice
    I finished up with a 5000.00 fine + 12 months driving ban + 1000.00 cost.

    so i dont want even go near one of them

    what we do have and i have just checked is

    mini gatso
    mobile Gatso
    DIGITAL SPECS ( odviously no equipment can help there except your speedo)
    DS2 ( as above )
    Teletraffic ( laser of upto a mile )

    laser i read is now becoming more and more popular in the UK , ok i dont want a jammer but if there is a laser detector that can at least pick up any bounces or wayward shots before i get zapped for real , gime a heads up , at least i may get 1 chance of spilling the 5 mph over the limit i might be doing , maybe there is RD that is particularly more sensative to radar than the rest ???

    in fact the more i type and read my own thread the more i realise it prolly will be the Valentine , isnt that the best at picking up laser ???

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    If laser detection is your priority, then yes, the V1 is basically your only choice.

    Maybe you should research more about passive laser countermeasures. A car bra, plate cover, headlight covers may give you a fighting chance against a front shot of laser.

    What kind of car do you drive?

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    i wont put a pic incase

    but its a Saturn Astra , only just introduced into the US market

    car bras are blahhh and i already have eyebrows on the lights to cut down the amount of glass visible from the front , plate covers are something i have never heard of ??

    hmm , thats brought a new question up actually , IF headlight protectors are fitted which are made of plastic and that cover the whole of the headlight , would that affect a laser shot or does laser go straight through the clear plastic and return un changed ??? could be an interesting measure and one maybe no one else has thought about

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    radar is used in the UK !

    I'm on my 2nd V1, and its brilliant

    The Bel 550 Euro is also worth a look at I had ones of these for 2 years and it's great detector.

    where in the Uk are you ?

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    south coast m3 corridor mate you ??

    no dont bother , i just seen where your at wayyy up Norf where the rain dont stop fallin

    tbh i have had the V1 in my mind for a while now but the fact they dont ship overseas and dont offer warranty overseas is a drawback , if i could find one at a good price then i wouldnt mind so much , but paying even stateside rates is worrying without warranty

    on the subject of headlight protection covers , does anyone no if laser is affected by using them or will it just penetrate as if they didnt exist , there cheap enough to buy and use but pointless if they have no affect

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    I sold my 1st V1 to a mate at work and both myself and him have not had any problems with it.

    I got the 2nd V1 on a trip to New England last September.

    I really dont think the warranty worries are worth it.

    But I am tempted for a Bel STi Driver

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    does the bell cover all we need in the Uk though ???

    looking at the GOL test results V1 is hyper sensitive , fine in the states maybe where roads are long long long but here in the shoe box called UK roads and driving are different , i don't want shed loads of false alerts form a hyper sensitive unit thats overkill for our conditions

    maybe the STi would suit more ?? as its a tad less sensitive but does it cover all we need



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